Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Healthcare changes fast. As an NHA-certified professional, you know that it’s important to stay up to date, and NHA’s continuing education program is here to support you as you grow.

NHA Continuing Education

At NHA, we know it's important for our certificate holders to be informed about the constantly changing world of healthcare. That's why continuing education is required as part of your certification renewal. By earning your continuing education credits and keeping your certification active, you're showing your commitment to your career and patient care.

To keep your NHA certification current, earn 10 Continuing Education (CE) credits every two years. We offer an online CE program that helps you earn the 10 required credits needed every two years to keep your certification active.

New Continuing Education Articles Coming in 2016

Prepare for recertification or extend your professional knowledge with new CE articles releasing throughout this year. New CE topics will include:

Team-Based Care An introduction to the concept of Team-Based Care and discussion of necessary skills to possess when working in a Team-Based Care environment.
Trouble Shooting in the POL These articles will discuss reasons for testing, general testing guidelines, common errors in testing and provide trouble shooting tips to assure accuracy and to make the testing process easier. This series also features for different CLIA waived tests.
Pharmaceutical Safety for Allied Health Professionals Focuses on educating patients about their diabetic and anticoagulation medications. Particular attention is paid to common errors that during prescription transfers.
Pediatric Updates Covers vaccination updates, the latest management guidelines for pediatric concussions, autism screening recommendations and facts related to urinary tract infections in children under the age of two.
Breaking it Down: ICD 10 Will discuss the essentials of using the ICD-10-CM code book. Articles will provide tips for using each section and discuss common errors of transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

We will update this page when each new CE article becomes available for NHA certification holders to purchase.

Log in to our certification portal to to browse our current CE content.

How to Complete Your NHA Continuing Education Credits

Your job isn’t always 9 to 5. That is why we’ve made it convenient for you to earn your annual CE credits online.

Option 1: Complete 5 online CE credits per year

The annual recertification fee, which includes your 5 CE credits, is $79.50. If you hold more than one certification, your CE credits can be applied to multiple certifications for an additional $20 fee per certification.

Option 2: Complete 10 online CE credits every 2 years

If you choose to recertify and complete all of your CE credits every two years, the recertification fee is $159.00. If you hold more than one certification, your CE credits can apply to multiple recertifications, but a $40 recertification fee applies for each additional certification.

How to Complete Your CE Credits

Step 2

Click "Find Courses" on the left menu under Continuing Ed

Step 3

Choose your course, select “View Content” and then “Take Exam”

Step 4

Once CE requirements have been met, click "Apply CE Credits" within My CE Portfolio

Additional Continuing Education Information

  • If your certification has been expired for less than one year, you must earn 15 continuing education credits in order to reinstate.
  • If your certification has been expired for more than one year, you must retake the certification exam.
  • You may earn continuing education credits through sources outside NHA and apply them toward your required renewal credits. Log in to the certification portal to learn more.
  • Different requirements apply to ExCPT Certificate holders. Learn more.
  • Refund Policy: There is no refund offered on continuing education.