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Illinois Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

Illinois Division of Professional Regulation — State Board of Pharmacy
320 W Washington, Suite 312
Springfield, IL 62786
Phone: 217/785-0800
Fax: 217/782-7645
Web site:
(through Department of Professional Regulation)

Requirements: [IL Prac Act 225 ILCS 85/9]

1. Applicant must be at least 16 years old.

2. Applicant must submit an application ($40) to the pharmacy board.

3. Applicant must provide proof of attending or having graduated from high school or earning a GED.


Applicant must submit a renewal application ($25) to the pharmacy board annually. [IL Prac Act 225 ILCS 85/27]

Not Required

“(a) It shall be the joint responsibility of a pharmacy and its pharmacist in charge to have trained all of its pharmacy technicians or obtain proof of prior training in all of the following topics as they relate to the practice site:
         (1) The duties and responsibilities of the technicians and pharmacists.

(2) Tasks and technical skills, policies, and procedures.

(3) Compounding, packaging, labeling, and storage.

(4) Pharmaceutical and medical terminology.
(5) Record keeping requirements.

(6) The ability to perform and apply arithmetic calculations.

(b) Within 6 months after initial employment or changing the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician, it shall be the joint responsibility of the pharmacy and the pharmacist in charge to train the pharmacy technician or obtain proof of prior training in the areas listed in subsection (a) of this Section as they relate to the practice site.
(c) All divisions of pharmacies shall maintain an up‑to‑date training program describing the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.
(d) All divisions of pharmacies shall create and maintain retrievable records of training or proof of training as required in this Section.”

The National Pharmacy Technician Training Program can be used to satisfy these requirements and incorporated into on the job training.



Continuing Education


Can the ExCPT be Taken?

Certification is completely voluntary until January 2010 when new requirements take effect. ExCPT certification is accredited by NCCA and recognized in Illinois.

Other Information

 All Illinois pharmacy technicians hired on Jan 1, 2008 (and after) will need to be certified within 2 years of registration with the Division of Professional Regulation.


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