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South Carolina Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

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Requirements: [SC Prac Act 40-43-82]

a) worked for fifteen hundred hours under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist as a registered pharmacy technician or has completed a Board of Pharmacy approved pharmacy technician course as provided for in subsection (D); however, beginning July 1, 2004, to be certified as a pharmacy technician an individual must have worked for one thousand hours under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist as a technician and must have completed a Board of Pharmacy approved technician course as provided for in subsection (D); Certified pharmacy technician" means an individual who is a registered pharmacy technician and who has completed the requirements provided for in Section 40-43-82(B).

(b) a high school diploma or equivalent; and

(c) passed the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam or a Board of Pharmacy approved exam and has maintained current certification; and

(d) fulfilled continuing education requirements as provided for in Section 40-43-130(G).


Applicant must submit a renewal application to the pharmacy board annually by July 1st. Renewal applications can be submitted online.
[SC Prac Act 40-43-82(A-2)]. 


Technicians must complete a board-approved training program that meets the criteria outlined in [SC Prac Act 40-43-82 (D)]


After June 30, 2006, at least two of these three technicians must be state-certified. If a pharmacist supervises only one or two pharmacy technicians, these technicians are not required to be state-certified. [SC Prac Act 40-43-86 (B) (4)(b)]

Continuing Education

A registered pharmacy technician shall complete ten hours of American Council on Pharmaceutical Education or CME I approved continuing education each year, beginning with the next renewal period after June 30, 2003. A minimum of four hours of the total hours must be obtained through attendance at lectures, seminars, or workshops. SC Prac Act 40-43-140(G).

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