NHA engagement boards and committees

NHA engagement boards and committees

Our boards and committees represent leaders and stakeholders across the healthcare industry.

About NHA’s Certification Boards

Our two certification boards operate independently of NHA and provide oversight for all certification and recertification decisions, including policies, governance, eligibility standards and the development, administration and scoring of assessment instruments.

The certification boards are responsible for the following:

  • Adopting certification program policies and procedures
  • Adopting its own rules of procedure
  • Approving the certification exam content outline (also known as blueprint)
  • Approving appointments to the Exam Review committee and acting on its recommendations
  • Appointing a Disciplinary and Appeals Committee
  • Electing successors to the Board
  • Appointing ad hoc committees as necessary

The certification boards have developed a Code of Ethics found at the bottom of this page.

If you have an interest in serving on one of the two boards, we invite your inquiry to Douglas Viehland, Executive Director-Certifications, [email protected].

NHA Innovation Board

Innovation Board (Coming Soon) – Comprised of industry thought leaders and innovative thinkers that will provide feedback and insights on NHA’s long-term strategic direction.

NHA Engagement Committee

(Coming Soon) – This group of subject matter experts help ideate and inform NHA of critical product features, user experience and brand positioning.

NHA Advisory Boards

NHA’s Advisory Boards are hand-selected groups of volunteers who bring unique knowledge and expertise in the professions we serve in order to provide key insights and recommendations to the organization. The following is a list of NHA’s Advisory Boards:

  • Healthcare Employer Advisory Board
  • Retail Healthcare Advisory Board
  • CTE Advisory Board
  • Healthcare Educator Advisory Board (Coming Soon)

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NHA Certification Governing Board

The NHA Certification Governing Board oversees seven of the eight certifications offered by NHA. A separate board oversees the ExCPT exam and CPhT certification program. The Board typically includes one representative of each of the seven certifications. One additional member serves as a public member to represent the consumers of these services. Members serve three-year terms and may serve consecutive terms. The end of their current term is noted below.

Tracey Pinkney, CCMA, CPT, CPCT/A, CET, ExCPT, (Chair – 2021)

Assistant Center Manager, CSL Plasma, New Jersey
Adjunct Professor, Eastern University, Philadelphia

April Austin, NRCMA, CBCS (Member – 2023)

Lead MBC Instructor, Unitech Training Academy
Lafayette, Louisiana

Marilyn Bier, CAE, ACC (Public Member – 2022)

President and Owner, Bluewater Consulting and Coaching, LLC
Englewood, Florida

Tracey Faulkner RN, BSN, MBA, CIR (Member – 2021)

Talent Acquisition Leader and Business Partner, Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri

Daniel L. Gottschall Jr, CCA, CBCS, CMAA (Member – 2021)

Business Office Representative, Capitol Pediatrics & Adolescent Center
Raleigh, North Carolina

Tracy A. Huneke CP, NPA, CHI (Member – 2021)

Director/School of Allied Health Careers, Nursing Division, Griffin Health Services
Derby, Connecticut

Nikki Patterson, CMA (Member – 2022)

OPG EMR Educator Manager, OhioHealth
Columbus, Ohio

Helen Suchocki-Martinez CCMA, CET, CPT, CHI, AHCM (Member – 2023)

Medical Assistant/Health Technician, Rutgers College, Hurtado Health Center
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Medical Assistant Instructor, CPR Instructor (AHA & ASHI)
Lincoln Tech, Iselin, New Jersey

NHA Code of Ethics

As a certified professional through the NHA, I have a duty to:

  • To use my best efforts for the betterment of society, the profession, and the members of the profession.
  • Uphold the standards of professionalism and be honest in all professional interactions.
  • Continue to learn, apply, and advance scientific and practical knowledge and skills, stay up to date on the latest research and its practical application.
  • Participate in activities contributing to the improvement of personal health, our society, and the betterment of the allied health industry.
  • Continuously act in the best interests of the general public.
  • Protect and respect the dignity and privacy of all patients.

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ExCPT Certification Governing Board

The ExCPT Certification Governing Board oversees the ExCPT exam and the CPhT certification program. Members include certified pharmacy technicians currently employed and practicing in the field and other stakeholder members such as pharmacists, educators and employers. One additional member serves as a public member to represent the consumers of these services. Members serve three-year terms and may serve consecutive terms. The end of their current term is noted below.

Timothy M. Maynard, PharmD (2022 – Pharmacist) Chair--Stakeholder Member

Director of Pharmacy Recruiting and College Relations, Albertson's Companies
Boise, Idaho

Anita V. Benavidez, MBA, BSHA, CPhT (2021 – Technician) Technician Member

Supervisor, Pharmacy Operations, Optum/Avella Specialty Pharmacy
Phoenix, Arizona

Aimee Capps, CPhT (2023 — Technician) Technician Member

Front End Physician Contact Technician, CVS Health
Boise, Idaho

Richard (Rick) Capraro Jr. CPhT (2022 – Technician) Technician Member

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Department of Surgery, Division of Urology, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

Laura Churns, PharmD, (2023 — Pharmacist) Stakeholder Member

Manager, Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs, Capsule Corporation
New York, New York

Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Ed.D. (2021) Public Member

Chief Operating Officer, The DeBruce Foundation
Kansas City, Missouri

Daniel Nyakundi, CPhT (2023 – Technician) Technician Member

Quality Assurance Technician/Pharmacy Educator, Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital
Houston, Texas

Pharmacy Technician Code of Ethics*

Pharmacy Technicians are healthcare professionals who assist pharmacists in providing the best possible care for patients. The principles of this code, which apply to pharmacy technicians working in any and all settings, are based on the application and support of the moral obligations that guide the pharmacy profession in relationships with patients, healthcare professionals and society.

The following principles apply to all ExCPT Certified Pharmacy Technicians:

  • A pharmacy technician’s first consideration is to ensure the health and safety of the patient, and to use knowledge and skills to the best of his/her ability in serving patients.
  • A pharmacy technician supports and promotes honesty and integrity in the profession, which includes a duty to observe the law, maintain the highest moral and ethical conduct at all times and uphold the ethical principles of the profession.
  • A pharmacy technician assists and supports the pharmacists in the safe and efficacious and cost effective distribution of health services and healthcare resources.
  • A pharmacy technician respects and values the abilities of pharmacists, colleagues and other healthcare professionals.
  • A pharmacy technician maintains competency in his/her practice and continually enhances his/ her professional knowledge and expertise.
  • A pharmacy technician respects and supports the patient’s individuality, dignity, and confidentiality.
  • A pharmacy technician respects the confidentiality of a patient’s records and discloses pertinent information only with proper authorization.
  • A pharmacy technician never assists in dispensing, promoting or distribution of medication or medical devices that are not of good quality or do not meet the standards required by law.
  • A pharmacy technician does not engage in any activity that will discredit the profession, and will expose, without fear or favor, illegal or unethical conduct of the profession.
  • A pharmacy technician associates with and engages in the support of organizations, which promote the profession of pharmacy through the utilization and enhancement of pharmacy technicians.

*Adapted from The American Association of Pharmacy Technicians Code of Ethics, published Am. J. Health-Syst Pharm. 2003.

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If you are interested in joining one of NHA's boards, please fill out the form below and someone from our advocacy team will reach out to you shortly.