MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical

MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical

An experiential clinical skills development resource to engage, instruct and empower learners to become practice-ready professionals

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Who Can Use It

Designed for Medical Assistant learners or professionals pursuing certification or employers interested in upskilling their staff.

Where To Use It


Where To Use It

For classrooms, lab, externship or workplace settings.

Where To Use It


How To Access

Easily accessible online. Developed for use in virtual, live or hybrid environments.

Improve Learner Engagement

Our solutions offer an interactive learning experience focused on the knowledge and skills needed for job-readiness.

  • Right-sized quality content
  • Real-life EHR scenarios, case studies, and simulations
  • Variety of reflection activities associated with the patient experience



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Streamlined Integration

Our experienced team make NHA deployment and program delivery a breeze

  • Implementation specialists to help add NHA’s solutions to your existing Clinical Medical Assistant program  
  • Compatible with most LMS platforms
  • Resources such as lesson plans, PPTs and implementation guides



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Competency Validation

Apply and assess learner progress—building their confidence to succeed on the job from day one.

  • End-of-module quizzes
  • Skills checklists
  • Learner usage, performance and seat-time analytics



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The Learning Path 

Within each module, learners progress down a consistent learning path featuring a variety of instructional tools, not just to comprehend important skills, but to master their real-world application.

Schedule a Demo thelearningpathmasba *For foundational content in MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical Plus

What's Included

Through video and interactive experiences, learners develop the ability to think critically, make real decisions, and excel in a demanding profession.

NHA MA SkillsBuilder: Administrative Icon

MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical

Learn, practice and assess the top 39 technical and job-ready skills needed to handle clinical duties

  • Module 1: Clinical Communication
  • Module 2: Infection Control
  • Module 3: Vital Signs & Body Measurements
  • Module 4: Eye & Ear Procedures
  • Module 5: Minor Surgical Tasks
  • Module 6: Pediatric Procedures
  • Module 7: Cardiac & Respiratory Procedures
  • Module 8: OB/GYN Procedures
  • Module 9: Phlebotomy & Related Training
  • Module 10: Urine Collection & Analysis
  • Module 11: Laboratory Tests
  • Module 12: Pharmacology

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NHA MA Skillsbuilder: Administrative Plus

MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical Plus

A comprehensive solution to help master the top 39 technical and job-ready skills needed to handle clinical duties and the foundational content to support the knowledge required for today's medical assistants

  •  Module 1: Position of the MA in Health Care
  • Module 2: Legal Fundamentals and Medical Ethics
  • Module 3: Communication
  • Module 4: Clinical Communication
  • Module 5: Infection Control and Personal Safety
  • Module 6: Infection Control
  • Module 7: Patient Screenings
  • Module 8: Vital Signs and Body Measurements
  • Module 9: General and Specialty Medical Assisting
  • Module 10: Eye and Ear Procedures
  • Module 11: Pediatric Procedures
  • Module 12: Cardiac and Respiratory Procedures
  • Module 13: OB/GYN Procedures
  • Module 14: Assisting with Minor Procedures
  • Module 15: Minor Surgical Tasks
  • Module 16: Laboratory Regulations and Procedures
  • Module 17: Urine Collection and Analysis
  • Module 18: Laboratory Tests
  • Module 19: Phlebotomy
  • Module 20: Phlebotomy and Related Testing
  • Module 21: Pharmacology and Medication Administration
  • Module 22: Pharmacology
  • Module 23: Nutrition
  • Module 24: Patient Education and Support
  • Module 25: Medical Emergencies in the Office

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Your LMS + Our Learning Materials in One, Seamless Integration


If you're an educator or manager, you know preparing your learners for success means more than just arming them with great content and learning tools. It also requires convenient access to great content and learning tools, and we've got you covered there too!

We provide access to all NHA materials directly from your institution’s learning management system (LMS) using a Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI)-Based Cartridge. The LTI functionality allows your institution to securely launch content and activities directly from your LMS for convenient access to all your materials, all in one place.

This means less time on administrative tasks, fewer manual errors, and more focus on your learners' success.


  • Compatible with most major LMS platforms
  • Easy access for learners through single sign-on (SSO)
  • Automatic syncing of scores with LMS grade book


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