An all-in-one resource for learning, practice and assessment

An all-in-one resource for learning, practice and assessment

Medical Terminology

See this new learning resource in action & learn how easy it is to implement!

Improve student engagement and performance with a better learning experience.

Medical Terminology is a foundational learning course that is essential to student success in all allied health programs. Unfortunately, most medical terminology learning tools are segregated, tedious and lengthy, which can lead to low student engagement, retention and course completion. NHA’s Medical Terminology is the solution.

Interactive learning experience

Today’s learning environment demands more innovative, online course experiences that improve and measure student engagement and comprehension.

right-sized content

Right-sized content

Improve program efficiency and student retention by presenting your students with only the most relevant information and nothing more.

streamlined integration

Streamlined integration

Keep students focused and engaged with a solution that combines learning, practice and assessment into a single learning resource.


Affordably priced

Innovative doesn’t have to mean expensive. Anatomy & Physiology is competitively priced to alternative options such as textbooks, EBooks, and online companions.

I really like the user friendliness. Other products have you open other windows, upload cartridges or download other software to gain access to other material. I like the all-in-one {resource}. Beta User

What to expect

medical professional educator viewing student reporting on laptop

For educators

Medical Terminology was designed with busy educators in mind, and provides an overall simplified experience from implementation to performance reporting.
  • Single sign-on and exportable grades
  • Implementation guide​
  • Lesson plans​
  • PowerPoints​
  • Test bank​
  • Mapping and transition guides​
  • (2) Section tests​
  • Final exam​

For students

Better engagement leads to better retention and higher pass rates. Students stay engaged with varied interactive practice activities that are interwoven alongside module content throughout the tool.
  • Animation videos
  • Practice activities throughout
  • Embedded audio pronunciations
  • End-of-module quizzes
  • Flashcards
  • Enrichments such as case studies, worksheets, and presentations.
  • Simplified access within a single resource


How it works

Your LMS + our learning materials in one, seamless integration

If you're an educator or manager, you know preparing your learners for success means more than just arming them with great content and learning tools. It also requires convenient access to great content and learning tools, and we've got you covered there too!

We provide access to all NHA materials directly from your institution’s learning management system (LMS) using a Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI)-Based Cartridge. The LTI functionality allows your institution to securely launch content and activities directly from your LMS for convenient access to all your materials, all in one place.

This means less time on administrative tasks, fewer manual errors and more focus on your learners' success.


  • Compatible with most major LMS platforms
  • Easy access for learners through single sign-on (SSO)
  • Automatic syncing of scores with LMS grade book



Product details

What is included?

Medical Terminology includes 16 modules of right-sized content interwoven with interactivity and instant performance feedback.

  • Concepts, Suffixes & Prefixes
  • Body Structure
  • Disease and Treatment
  • Body Systems: Integumentary
  • Body Systems: Skeletal
  • Body Systems: Muscular
  • Body Systems: Nervous & Mental Health
  • Special Senses: Ears and Eyes
  • Body Systems: Endocrine
  • Body Systems: Cardiovascular & Lymphatic
  • Body Systems: Blood and Immunity
  • Body Systems: Respiratory
  • Body Systems: Digestive
  • Body Systems: Urinary
  • Body Systems: Male Reproductive
  • Body Systems: Female Reproduction

Who can use Medical Terminology?

NHA's Medical Terminology is designed for students taking a medical terminology foundational education course, most commonly taken at the beginning of a variety of allied health programs. Some of the allied health profession programs most commonly taking medical terminology, include:

  • Medical assistant (CCMA)
  • Medical administrative assistant (CMAA)
  • Billing and coding specialist (CBCS)

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