Give your clinicians the valuable skills of a health coach

Give your clinicians the valuable skills of a health coach

Principles of Health Coaching™

See the Principles of Health Coaching™ learning experience in action.

Build necessary skills for better patient communication, education, and engagement

clipboard 50-percent


of patients leave visits not understanding the information they received

question-mark 10-percent


of patients adhere to prescribed lifestyle changes

pill-bottle 50-percent


of patients adhere to prescribed medications

It improved my understanding of health coaching, even though I have been working and teaching in the medical field for over 20 years. Nurse, Principles of Health Coaching™ beta user

Who can practice health coaching?

  • Medical assistant
  • Nurses (LPN, RN, NP, CNC)
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Social workers
  • Care coordinators
  • Front office staff



    What are the basic principles of health coaching?

    Health coaching helps patients gain knowledge and understanding to take a more active role in achieving their health goals. The Principles of Health Coaching™ certificate program emphasizes effective patient communication techniques, introducing and then assessing learners on key foundational concepts of health coaching methodology.

    Self-paced, online modules include:
    • Introduction to Health Coaching
    • Collaboration & Communication
    • Relationships and Responsibilities of a Health Coach
    • Motivational Interviewing (featuring simulated conversations with virtual patients)

    + Knowledge checks and quizzes throughout learning process
    + Trackable analytics that provide usage and performance insights



    Interactive conversations with virtual patients give clinicians hands-on practice using evidence-based patient communication techniques.




    Built to meet ACAP accreditation requirements


    7 continuing education credits for nurses (CNE)
    and NHA certification holders (CE)

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    Skills Builder- Communication Package

    Conquer the three C’s of patient retention: Communication, Connection and Comfort

    When patients are listened to, respected and empowered, they own their decisions. As a result, they are more invested in their healthcare and are likely to follow through with treatment, which leads to better outcomes.

    Active listening and strong communication skills will help produce these results.This skills builder package brings together PersonAbility™ and Principles of Health Coaching™ to provide healthcare workers with skills that are needed for professional development and success and patient connection.

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