About NHA

Empowering people to access a better future.

The NHA Mission

With increasing demands on our healthcare system, the need for certified allied health workers has only increased, making our mission more vital than ever. Our goal has always been, and remains, improving the quality of patient care.

The simple notion of improving healthcare through greater competency is at the heart of our mission. We work every day to fulfill that mission through advocacy, education, and certification, leading to access to better care, better careers and better efficiency for providers and their patients.

Since 1989, NHA has prepared and awarded more than 750,000 certifications to healthcare students and professionals, providing them with nationally recognized measurements of competency paired with easy-to-use study tools and personalized customer service.

Our Vision

As the industry leader, we are passionately committed to develop, advance and advocate for the frontline healthcare worker, resulting in improved patient care.

Our Approach

Whether you’re a student, educator, employee or employer, NHA is driven to improve the quality of your career and business. By helping prepare the next generation of healthcare workers, we are helping individuals and healthcare businesses make a meaningful, positive impact.

At NHA we believe in always being industry advocates. We engage with both regulatory and legislative bodies to promote certification for the industry and for the people working in it. We are passionately committed to developing, advancing and advocating for the frontline healthcare worker.

NHA’s proven results elevate and impact the lives of individuals, schools, and businesses in allied health. Our comprehensive certification and preparation resources provide our clients with access to the professional success they desire. NHA provides continuity for educators and employers seeking a partner with multiple certification options, giving students and employers a trusted path to skills growth and career advancement.

NHA has awarded over 750,000 allied health care certifications.

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