Industry advocacy

Industry advocacy

We are passionately committed to developing, advancing and advocating for the frontline healthcare worker.

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At NHA we believe in always being industry advocates

We engage with both regulatory and legislative bodies to promote certification for the industry and for the people working in it. We are passionately committed to developing, advancing and advocating for the frontline healthcare worker. By providing a path for achievement, we are helping people make their career dreams come true, schools fulfill their mission, employers work smarter and more efficiently, and patients receive the care they deserve.

"What most people don’t realize is that across the healthcare profession, allied health professionals make up 60% of the workforce. They are not just administrative roles. They play a valuable role in providing care to individuals in multiple settings."

— Jessica Langley, NHA's Executive Director of Education and Advocacy

NHA Advocacy Efforts

NHA is the largest allied health certification agency in the United States and has awarded over 1 million nationally recognized credentials. Our dedicated advocacy team is here to assist you in the following three areas identified below: Regulatory & advocacy, recognition, and relationships.

Regulatory & Advocacy

  • Monitor and work within states to ensure our professions are supported through regulatory and legislative actions
  • Collaborate with state lobbying firms on proactive/reactive efforts regarding value of certification, scope of practice, etc.
  • Partner with national lobbying firm to track and take action on federal initiatives that impact NHA professions
  • Advocacy efforts supporting the professions we serve

Visit NHA’s News Center for the latest on our advocacy efforts.

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NHA recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships and the need to connect with industry leaders across both healthcare and education sectors.

Connect with the NHA Industry Advocacy Team

NHA is committed to helping connect educators, employers and other industry stakeholders. Do you want to have more meaningful conversations with local employers or healthcare educators? Would you like to raise awareness around certification, its value and NHA’s credentials? Or, just share allied health research and trends with other professionals? You can connect below with a member of NHA’s advocacy team or use these resources to help build stronger community partnerships and promote the need for skilled, certified workers.

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