Master the top 25 administrative skills identified by employers

Master the top 25 administrative skills identified by employers

MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative

Where To Use It


Who Can Use It

Designed for students or professionals in the following professions:

  • Medical assistant
  • Medical administrative assistant
Where To Use It


Where To Use It

For classrooms, lab, externship or workplace settings.

Where To Use It


How To Access

Easily accessible online. Developed for use in virtual, live or hybrid environments.

MA SkillsBuilderTM: Administrative is an all-in-one resource for learning, practice, and assessment of the top 25 administrative skills identified by employers.

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 Improve Learner Engagement


  • 25 real-life EHR scenarios
  • Variety of reflection activities associated with the patient experience
  • 37 activities tied to the case studies



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 Streamlined Integration


  • Learning, practice and assessment
  • Compatible with most LMS platforms
  • Resources such as lesson plans, PPTs and implementation guides



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 Competency Validation


  • 7 end-of-module quizzes
  • Skills checklists
  • Learner usage, performance, and seat-time analytics



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What's Included

25 key skills identified as most important to employers of medical assistants and medical administrative assistants are covered across seven modules. 

7 self-paced modules:

  • Module 1: Telecommunications
  • Module 2: Registration
  • Module 3: Scheduling
  • Module 4: Beginning the Visit
  • Module 5: Coding
  • Module 6: Billing
  • Module 7: Ending the Visit



The Learning Path 

Multimedia lessons, practice tools, & assessments

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Your LMS + Our Learning Materials in One, Seamless Integration


If you're an educator or manager, you know preparing your learners for success means more than just arming them with great content and learning tools. It also requires convenient access to the great content and learning tools and we've got you covered there too!

We provide access to all NHA materials directly from your institution’s learning management system (LMS) using a Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI)-Based Cartridge. The LTI functionality allows your institution to securely launch content and activities directly from your LMS for convenient access to all your materials, all in one place.

This means less time on administrative tasks, fewer manual errors and more focus on your learners' success.


  • Compatible with most major LMS platforms
  • Easy access for learners through single sign-on (SSO)
  • Automatic syncing of scores with LMS grade book


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