NHA certification and learning solutions for post-secondary schools & programs

NHA certification and learning solutions for post-secondary schools & programs

Medical certifications from the National Healthcareer Association are a critical part of setting students up for a successful career in healthcare. Learn more about NHA’s healthcare certifications and flexible learning solutions for post-secondary educators.

Educate and train your students with NCCA-accredited certifications

NHA partners with you every step of the way, helping your students enhance their skills, knowledge, qualifications and sett them on the path to a career in healthcare.

Clinical Medical Assistants ‣

89% of organizations encourage or require their medical assistants to be certified.

Pharmacy Technicians ‣

90% of organizations encourage or require their pharmacy technicians to be certified.

Phlebotomy Technicians ‣

93% of organizations encourage or require their phlebotomy technicians to be certified.

Medical Administrative Assistants ‣

75% of organizations encourage or require their medical administrative assistants to be certified.

EKG Technicians ‣

87% of organizations encourage or require their EKG technicians to be certified.

Electronic Health Records Specialists ‣

One in five people surveyed in 2020 by the Kaiser Family Foundation found a mistake in their EHR.

Billing and Coding Specialists ‣

68% of organizations encourage or require their billing and coding specialists to be certified.

Patient Care Technicians ‣

68% of organizations encourage or require their patient care technicians to be certified.

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*Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2019). Occupational Outlook Handbook.
National Healthcareer Association (2020). 2020 Industry Outlook.

Bring NHA certification exams to your organization

Our certification specialists are ready to guide you through the process of turning your students into sought-after NHA credential holders.
  • Convenient online application process
  • Schedule exams on-demand
  • On-site, third-party and live-remote proctoring options
  • Immediate online exam results

"NHA’s online certification preparation materials, which include practice tests, are high quality. They are designed in a manner that is flexible and can be easily incorporated into in our training model." — Deb Miller, Workforce Development Leader, SSM Health Care


Prepare students for certification

As your healthcare certifications partner, we have ample resources to support your classroom
  • Test plans
  • Study guides
  • Practice tests
  • Interactive content
  • Focused Review® online remediation
  • Case studies

We’re not just here to administer a test. We’re here to support your healthcare students with resources that can empower them to succeed.

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 Competency Validation


  • 7 end-of-module quizzes
  • Practice drills and interactive games
  • Learner usage, performance, and seat-time analytics



Access training & learning solutions

These featured student-centered solutions were created to address the demands of today’s healthcare workforce.





Prepare students for employment

NHA’s employer relationships can strengthen your program’s outcomes. 75-93% of healthcare employers require certification for each of NHA’s allied health professions, according to the 2020 Industry Outlook.



Latest healthcare industry trends

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Our dedicated specialists are here to assist – from program consultation, setup, learning resources, and study materials, to exam scheduling, certification and continued career development. Our team can help you determine how to align NHA’s learning resources and healthcare certifications with your school's needs. When you partner with NHA, you don’t just get engaging, interactive tools. You also get a support team of certification specialists and 24/7 online management tools. Click below to get started!

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