Prepare for the NHA exam

Prepare for the NHA exam

NHA Exam Study Materials

We don’t just offer a certification exam. We’re here to support you with resources that can empower you to succeed.

Whether you’re a candidate seeking certification, an educator preparing your class or an employer helping your staff, we have solutions designed to improve NHA certification exam performance.
  • Accessible online
  • Focused Review® based on NHA practice test results, directing you to the content you or your students still need to master
  • Based on the same NHA test plan as our exam
  • Practice drills and case study videos that reinforce key concepts

Study packages for students

Successful testing starts with proper preparation. Our study packages include online study guides based on NHA test plans and practice tests are designed to simulate the actual NHA certification exam.*

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Online Study Guide + Online Practice Test

Best Value!
This package includes an interactive online study guide based on NHA test plans, as well as an online practice test designed to simulate the actual exam. Students will also receive Focused Review®, a powerful tool that gives personalized study recommendations derived from student's practice test results. (This package is also available with a printed study guide.)

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Study Guide Only

Available in an interactive, online format or as a printed book that’s shipped to the student. The study guide content based on NHA test plans, and the online version includes practice drills, audio narration and video for a more engaging experience.

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Practice Test Only

Designed to simulate the actual certification exam, the practice test is an online assessment that can help students gauge their potential performance and identify areas for improvement. Students can take the practice test up to five times, and they'll also receive Focused Review®, a powerful tool that gives personalized study recommendations derived from their practice test results.



*The purchase of NHA exam preparation materials is not required to sit for any NHA certification exam and use does not guarantee a passing score on an exam. All NHA certification programs and the corresponding exams are NCCA-accredited.

Performance Analytics, powered by NHA Vitals™ for students, instructors and facilitators

Target group and individual remediation needs in the areas that matter most before exam day. Performance Analytics gives you on-demand access to your learners’ NHA study material usage and performance data, helping you monitor engagement and identify learning gaps.

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This powerful exam readiness analytics solution was uniquely designed to work with NHA’s CCMA, CPhT (ExCPT), CPCT and CPT study materials. Performance Analytics will be available across all NHA study materials by fall 2023.
Access Actionable Insights

NHA Mobile — 

Empowering learner success with study-on-the-go flashcards aligned to your enrolled NHA course.

NHA Mobile - Study On-the-go

Test plans by profession

Our test plans map out key content to study as students prepare for their NHA exam. These outlines are used as the foundation for creating NHA certification exams, as well as building the concepts in NHA practice tests and study guides. Access test plans by profession:

Learn how to use a test plan

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