Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS)

Give employers confidence in your data management knowledge and skills by becoming certified as an electronic health records specialist.

At NHA, we provide access to personal and professional improvement, directly impacting better patient care. With the help of numerous subject matter experts, we conducted a nationwide Job Task Analysis (JTA) to ensure we are accurately testing the most current and relevant competencies necessary to ensure proficiency in completing tasks associated with operating in the electronic health records specialist profession.

As a result of this extensive Job Task Analysis, a new exam was launched in 2020.

Test plan and crosswalk for updated CEHRS exam

An updated test plan for the CEHRS exam is available here. You can also find the exam crosswalk here, bridging the 2011 test plan and new test plan.

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For more information regarding pilot scoring, visit the "About Development of NHA Exams" section of the Candidate Handbook on nhanow.com.

Electronic Health Records Specialists are in high demand in hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing homes and even government facilities.

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The security, completeness and accuracy of patient data are critical. In the healthcare industry, Electronic Health Records Specialists serve an important role, which is why most employers require a certification. The CEHRS is a nationally-recognized credential that can set you apart.

As an Electronic Health Records Specialist, you may perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Audit patient records for compliance
  • Abstract clinical information for reports
  • Perform basic coding to submit reimbursement claims
  • Process Release of Information (ROI) requests for medical records
  • Review patient records to ensure completion and accuracy
  • Collect patient demographic and insurance information
  • Discuss patient information with physicians and insurance professionals

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