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TEAM Based Care™

An online learning and assessment-based certificate program

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What is TEAM Based Care™?

TEAM Based Care™ is an online learning and assessment-based certificate program that standardizes learning to align each member of the care team in their knowledge and competency in providing patient-centered care.

Comprehensive foundational knowledge

Unify your care team in their practice of team-based care by providing them with a shared learning experience and knowledge base. By educating and evaluating every member of your team on the same set of core competencies, they begin to speak a common language, leading to improved communication and business efficiency.

  • Standardized learning appropriate for members of the care team at various levels and roles
  • Designed by adult-learning specialists to merge various learning styles and education levels
  • Three modules of extensive team-based care content designed by subject-matter experts

Convenient learning experience

Designed with the time-starved clinician in mind, the program’s online learning and assessment feature empowers your team to grow their foundational knowledge throughout the regular work day and without disruption to your practice or patients.

  • Online, flexible and self-paced to accommodate every work schedule
  • Lessons designed in 20-30 minute intervals for learning flexibility
  • Includes facilitator guide, though no facilitator is required

Reliable measurement of competency

A psychometrically-sound assessment designed to measure each member of the care team on their comprehension, retention and competency of the foundational knowledge presented.

  • Knowledge checks and quizzes test comprehension throughout learning process
  • Trackable utilization and performance reporting for employers or implementation managers
  • Developed to meet accreditation standards

TEAM Based Care™ provides in-depth knowledge and assessment on the following topics:

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“The quicker practice changes are implemented, the sooner healthcare organizations, their employees and their patients will see positive outcomes.” - Click to read the white paper on implementing team-based care


Where is NHA presenting about TEAM Based Care™ in 2018?

Visit us for a conversation or demo at the following industry conferences to talk about empowering your coordinated care team with this learning resource.

Advancing High Performance Health (AMGA): Annual Conference
Booth exhibit (#811)
March 7-10, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
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Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI): Annual Summit on Improving Patient Care
Booth exhibit (#15) and poster presentation
March 26-28, 2018
San Diego, CA

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI): National Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare 
Booth exhibit 
December 9-12, 2018
Orlando, FL

Patient Centered Primary Care (PCPCC): Annual Fall Conference
2018 dates not announced yet

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